A Father’s Love Winners and March’s Theme

Guys, I was so blown away with all your submissions this month! Being the first month this page is active I was just thrilled with how many of you were excited to see this idea out there. We just need more positive images of dads circulating around. I truly appreciate everyone sharing this positivity around your little piece of the internet. Here are all the winners and runner-ups from February…

Wilhelmina Photography

February 1st


Meagan Dwyer Photography

February 2nd

Cara Hodge Photography

February 3rd


And in no particular order….


Four Dots Photography

week 2 Four Dots Photography

Christy Seaton Photography

week 2 Christy Seaton Photography 2

Luxe Art Images, LLC

February 1

Dear Day Photography

week 2 Dear Day Photography


Rene Hermosillo Photography

week 2 Rene Hermosillo Photography

Karen Long Photography


week 2 Karen Long Photography

Hello Olivia Photography

week 1 hello olivia photography

Whimsy Heart photography

week 1 whimsy heart photography

June Bug Photography

February June Bug Photography

Sharon Washington – Photographer

week 1 sharon washington- photographer


And our theme for March….

boo boos

The picture on the left is very near and dear to my heart. It was taken almost exactly 3 years ago when my son was in the NICU. He is the one who made my husband a daddy and he threw us for quite a scare needing to be admitted to the NICU at nearly 3 days old. The picture on the right is when he believed that water made boo boo’s better.

Whether they are big boo boo’s or little ones, daddies always seem to make them better. I can’t wait to see your submissions!


Ashley Shope Photography

ditw boo boos

Featured artists, grab your “featured on” badge too! Feel free to                                                                        display on your blog, website, or social media.

featured on badge 3

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