Back in the Den- Grace Baltic Photography

Here we are with another “Back in the Den” feature! This month we have the honor of reading about Grace Baltic Photography

The purpose of this feature will be to shine the spotlight on the dads in our community- and the photographers who capture them- so that we can learn more about what it takes to father children, and to give us a more intimate look at their lives as dads.

Want to be featured in one of these posts?? we ask that you please send 5-10 images of an amazing dad that you know, along with a brief description of what makes him a great dad, to .  We can’t wait to see your submissions and to start showing the world what awesome dads are made of!

Sit back, relax, and let’s find out more about Grace and Steven!


1. Give us a brief description of who you are and how the dad you are sharing with us relates to you:

Hey! I’m Grace of Grace Baltic Photography and I am a sucker for documenting everyday moments in families. I used to try to shoot everything for everyone, but when I discovered the beauty and authenticity of capturing life as it happens and I was hooked! I love shooting families and kids, and my passion has spilled over into my personal life. This year, I’m doing my first Project 365 and having a blast capturing the sweetness of my everyday. A lot of these images have included my sweet husband, Steven with our daughter, Lucy.

2. What is his favorite thing to do when he is “in his den”?

Steven is an avid cyclist, a hockey player, a technology lover, and has just completed medical school! If he isn’t at home studying, reading, or sharing a giggle with Lucy, he loves to get out and ride his bike.


3. Why do you love to photograph him?

I love photographing him, specifically with our daughter, because she brings out a side of him that is so sweet and soft, I just have to document it!

4. Tell us a story that resonates with you about why he is an exemplary man and father:

The day that Lucy was born, we were both so tired, but Steven had to study for med school classes. He wheeled Lucy in her little hospital bassinet down to a quiet corner of the hospital to study and about an hour later, he texted me a photo of him next to sleeping Lucy in her cradle with the caption “our first daddy/daughter first date”. Ever since that adorable moment, he has always been willing and eager to spend one-on-one time with Lucy.

5. Finally, what is something this dad always says or does that his children will remember about him?

Aside from being a fun dad, I think our kids will remember him most for his sincerity and kindness. He has so much patience and compassion when he is teaching Lucy something or trying to figure out why she is crying or even just asking her about her day. I am proud of him because he works hard, puts God and family first, and most of all, he never backs away from a chance to lead by example and show what real love looks like.
Thanks for reading Grace Baltic Photography’s “Back in the Den” feature! Grace’s work is so heartfelt and beautiful. You definitely want to check her out on her social media pages!

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